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Yoga Mama's Mission

Yoga Mama is a place of love, support and care for your journey through conception, pregnancy and parenting. 

We provide a range of services which combine holistic care and evidence based information to support you from the moment you reach out to us. 

Our services include:

Prenatal, Postnatal and Mom and Baby Yoga 

Fertility Yoga and Holistic Fertility Programmes

Birth Doula Services

Postnatal Doula Services

Lacation Consulting and Breastfeeding Counselling

Life and Parenting Coaching 

Prenatal, Postnatal, Baby and Child Massage

Childbirth Education / Antenatal Classes

Baby Stimulation and Education Classes 

Perinatal Facilitator Training

  • Online or in-person (JHB, South Africa)

    Tue, Thu, Sun

  • Online - Empower yourself with education on comfort measures for birth




Yoga Classes

Fertility, Prenatal, Postnatal and Mom and Baby


Holistic Fertility

Walking with you on your path to conceive

Birthing Centre

Birth Doula Services

Birth support and prenatal birth education

Mother Baby Bonding

Postnatal Doula & Lactaction Consulting

Support after birth and guidance in your breastfeeding journey

Woman Covering Eyes

Life & Parenting Coaching

Supporting you through challenges with love



Prenatal, Postnatal, Baby and Child

Young Couple Expecting

Childbirth Education and Antenatal Classes

Vital education on the parenting journey

Baby Siblings

Baby and Child Classes

Continuous support as your baby grows


Clients Testimonials




Yoga mama classes have been such a great “me time” throughout these last few months of my pregnancy! I had one in person class before lockdown, and the rest of the journey has all been online. The level of care of this yoga community has still been so special - even through a laptop screen! I definitely feel like doing these yoga classes have helped me stay fit and healthy during my pregnancy, and I have been dedicated to each class right up until the last week! Thank you!


Cape Town

Finding yoga mama's online class at 19 weeks pregnant was incredible. I did the yoga classes until I was 38 weeks pregnant and everything I had been taught there allowed me to have the birth I dreamed of. Completely natural, unassisted birth at exactly 40 weeks.
I breathed in deeply and exhaled completely through contractions and pushes to get to meet my baby.



I searched for yoga again, after years of having been in touch with it, because I found a need to get in touch with myself. The year of 2020 took me within, into my inner world and I knew Yoga would be a great tool to assist me in the journey. And it did (and does) exactly that. It allows me to get in touch with my inner being, body and soul. I thoroughly enjoy the body movements while trying to practice presence of mind at all times. 
I was lucky to attend the online Journey to Self workshop and that too supplemented my journey beautifully. It brought me a lot of questioning in order to understand myself, my past and where I find myself today. Tara also has a way of speaking and guiding that I find very peaceful. I am grateful for including yoga practice in my journey. Thx Tara



I want to deeply thank you for your part in not only my pregnancy journey but what you do for other moms as well. Pregnancy yoga has become more than just yoga for me because I’ve seen it’s benefits, not once, twice now. In it you give us the emotional and physical strength to carry our kids with love and embrace the journey and most importantly to usher them into this world with ease. Labour remains the hardest thing I’ve ever done but because of your teaching, I’d do it over and over again!



Frustrated by sciatica pain and with the restrictions to physical exercise whilst pregnant, I decided to join Yoga Mama’s prenatal yoga classes as a way to de-stress whilst doing gentle exercise. YogaMama  prenatal yoga classes were beneficial in increasing strength & flexibility and endurance of muscles I would needed for childbirth and recovery. Many of my pregnancy symptoms (sciatica,  heartburn and round ligament pain) were relieved by the classes.

I looked forward to the classes facilitated by Tara and Thando, which had a blend of yoga practice and guided meditation. Would recommend YogaMama for any first and a  lm second- time moms to be. 

The prenatal classes are but one of the offerings of the YogaMama list of I services. By far the most impactful of these services were the Doula services and lactation consulting, facilitated by Tara. These adequately prepared my husband and I for the arrival of our newborn son, by providing emotional reassurance, comfort and encouragement before and during birth and most importantly, serving as a sounding board to quell our new parenting anxieties. Tara was gentle, knowledgeable, patient and graceful throughout my pregnancy and that’s what you need as an allay during this transformative stage of one’s life.