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Yoga Mama's Mission

Yoga Mama is a space where mothers and mothers to be come together to create the most heart felt and conscious connection with their babies. Through movement, meditation and coaching you will be transformed after leaving even your first class. 

Our expanding list of classes, courses and workshops gives you all the tools to parent confidently and embrace the journey of motherhood. 

We welcome you to our community.



Prenatal yoga allows you to really embrace your new growing belly and to feel good in your body temple. 

Yoga postures and stretches assist in managing the aches and pains that arise during pregnancy and gives you the emotional support you need in a loving community.

We assist you to create space for your baby in your body and in your life. We embrace and honour you as a mother. 

Our community of moms have experienced better sleep, decreased back ache, decreased heartburn and nausea, quicker and easier births and better emotional stability from attending our prenatal yoga classes.



"I will walk with you on your parenting journey, at every stage. Your journey becomes my journey and we move in the flow of our souls" -Tara

I am a Yoga Teacher, life and parenting coach. My passion is to create safe containers for parents on their journey through parenting from fertility all the way through to postnatal care for the whole family. We store so much in our bodies and through movement, meditation and coaching I assist families to bring more peace, joy and happiness into their lives. Yoga is a mind, body and soul deep healing process and I am passionate about using movement as a tool for fertility, pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

In my experience as a coach and a Priestess of the divine feminine, I also assist mothers who have experienced trauma from previous pregnancies, births and reproductive disorders in the most holistic and loving way, complimenting medical treatments and improving its effectiveness.  I look forward to sharing your journey with you and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.


"I set my worries aside and I allow my body to do its job"

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