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Expanded Embodiment

When you start the journey of finding your true self, realising your full potential and embodying the tools which you have learnt, it often comes to a point where you have so many tools but no clarity on how to use them.

This is where expanded embodiment comes in. An art of being the flow of your life, not going "with" the flow but being the flow. Embodying the tools to become the tools and then you have the power to fully expand into your highest self. When you truly embody something you have learnt it becomes like your reflection. People all around you will see the work that you have done and you will be able to empower others by telling your story.

When you learn about self love and you wish to embody it, you need to reflect self love in all areas of your life. You have to become a reflection of self love to the world, this is when you step into the higher state of expanded embodiment. Let's move away from the excuses we make up to say "I know I should eat better but I really need comfort" or "I have read the book but never applied the teachings". Move into a state of "becoming".

Embodiment is not about doing, it is about being. And being is, was and will always be the source of all truth.

Enquire on life coaching with me where we can explore this and many other concepts in a deeper way. Let is uncover the layers of your true self.

Much love,


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