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Pregnancy blog series - Part 1

Congratulations 🎈 you having a baby! (Or babies!) If you are a first time mom I’m sure you are overwhelmed with information and everything you NEED to get as stipulated by the world and it can be scary. I’m here to support you with education coming from evidence based information and laced with my personal experience as a mom of 3.

In the next few blog posts I’ll be giving you some ideas and tips that have worked for me and the women I serve daily. For this first one I want to talk about your body and the transition it’s going through or will go through for the next few months.

You are tired

Probably the most tired you have ever been in your first trimester because your body is doing the miraculous thing it does to use all your energy to form and develop a little human being. Take it easy on yourself and your body and rest when you can, now for the woman out there who are always on the go and usually at the top of your game, the first trimester of pregnancy can feel like your world is spinning even though no one probably knows your pregnant yet and besides feeling sick you might also still forget that there is a little life inside of you. No bump and no kicks or flutters yet. Maybe you’re bloated and just look like you ate a lot but within you a miracle is happening minute by minute.

It can be lonely

I have been privileged to be the one person that knows about a woman’s pregnancy before most of her family and friends do because so many women start pregnancy yoga at around 8 weeks. With that said, it’s a lonely road in the beginning because through the toughest time you actually end up avoiding the people who are your support system in the hope that they will not find out the news before you are ready to share.

My third pregnancy was probably my loneliest one in my first trimester because I was sicker than I ever was in the previous pregnancies and my support system was limited to my household (and a few others) - including my sons who would run with water to the bathroom every time I vomited with (all day “morning” sickness) and prayed every night that I would get better once the new baby was born.

Why do keep it a secret anyway you may think? Before I started walking a spiritual path I kept my pregnancies a secret because I waited for the miscarriage risk to reduce. This is a method of thinking society has taught us. My question is why would your closest friends and family not be able to comfort you if you did experience a loss? Why should a loss be hidden and then the women and her partner end up dealing with it in silence.

On my spiritual path though I kept my third pregnancy a secret from certain people (and especially social media) because the reality is that not everyone will be happy for you, and in such a sacred time you need to protect yourself and your baby from the eyes of people that intentionally or unintentionally cause harm. And also, people in general make the worst comments or choose to share somber stories about pregnancy and birth the minute you tell them you pregnant. So if anything, protect your mind as you can overthink perfectly fine by yourself without the fears and unresolved experiences of others.

•You don’t know where to start

Vaginal or c-section, gynae referrals, breastfed or bottlefeed, when do I buy maternity clothes and where, what do I need, strollers, cots and tummy time mats… the list goes on forever. Remember that we are given 9 months to prepare for this little one, break it down into bite sized portions and you will make it out to the other end.

•The statistics

One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage.

This in itself is scary but if you have gone through this before it is a deep fear that can reside within your mind and body and steal your peace.

Find someone to talk to about your experiences and debrief previous losses so that you able to heal for yourself and for your new baby.

And today, take a deep breath. Remember to take a few moments each day to reflect, give thanks and connect to your body. The vehicle that will transform so quickly to accommodate your baby.

In the moment it feels long but it really goes so fast.

All my love,


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