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Tara Williams

Perinatal Yoga Specialist, Doula and Coach

Mama of three and owner of Yoga Mama, Tara is passionate about caring for mothers, babies and families through the journey of parenting.  She is internationally trained as a yoga teacher, full spectrum doula, childbirth educator, lactation specialist and life & parenting coach.

Tara's special interests is in the field of lactation and perinatal mental health. 

Tara invests in continuing education in maternal care, bringing holistic care and evidence based information together o provide women and their families with the best  care in their parenting journeys.

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Dr Nadia Harris

Medical doctor MBBch(Wits) and Perinatal Educator

Mama to a beautiful little boy and practicing medical doctor, Nadia brings a wealth of medical knowledge, wisdom and love to our community at Yoga Mama's workshops and courses.

Being a mother herself, Nadia imparts her knowledge not only as a doctor but as a mother.


Nadia is passionate about breastfeeding and providing education to mothers all around the world on the benefits of breastfeeding holistically and medically.


Alyssa de Saldanha

Full Spectrum Doula and Breastfeeding Counsellor

Alyssa is a mama of five, full spectrum doula and breastfeeding counsellor.

Alyssa brings a wealth of knowledge as a mother and birth professional with extensive training in birth, bereavement and adolescent education and support. 

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Ashleigh Christie

Perinatal Yoga Teacher 

Ashleigh is a mother to an adorable little boy and came into the Yoga Mama family as an expecting mom and then joined us as a professional serving our Yoga Mama community. 

Ashleigh has special interests in postnatal yoga and child development. She brings fresh and new energy to the Yoga Mama group classes. 

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