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Tara Williams

Mother, Life & Parenting Coach + Perinatal Specialist

Mama to two busy toddlers and owner of Yoga Mama, Tara is passionate about caring for mothers, babies and families through the journey of parenting.  She is internationally trained as a yoga teacher, birth and postnatal doula, childbirth educator and perinatal specialist. Tara is also the fertility yoga expert for HART Fertility Centre located in Cape Town at the Christian Barnard Hospital. 

Tara aims to support mothers and families through their parenting journey and is continuously learning in the maternal and perinatal mental health space. 

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Dr Nadia Harris

Mother, Medical doctor MBBch(Wits) + Yoga Mama Perinatal Educator

Mama to a beautiful little boy and practicing medical doctor, Nadia brings a wealth of medical knowledge, wisdom and love to our community at Yoga Mama's workshops and courses.

Being a mother herself, Nadia imparts her knowledge not only as a doctor but as a mother.


Nadia is passionate about breastfeeding and providing education to mothers all around the world on the benefits of breastfeeding holistically and medically.

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Thando Grace

Yoga Teacher

Thando Grace is a Yoga Teacher trained in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga as well as Yoga for women to improve their mind, body and soul connection. 

Thando runs her own business called Flow with Grace and she is a fun loving, passionate and truly graceful woman. 

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Keamo Molefe

Yoga Teacher + Kids Coach

Keamo is a soulful and kind hearted woman who has a passion for supporting mothers and working with children. She is currently training as a Yoga teacher and Doula.

Keamo runs her business as a kids coach at Wholy Fairy and is looking forward to working with all our Yoga Mama clients.