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Fertility Services 

At Yoga Mama, we believe that every woman deserves to be supported during her fertility journey. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with assistance of a fertility clinic, we help you in navigating the emotions, changes and transitions that comes with fertility. 

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Fertility Yoga 

Our fertility yoga is done on a one on one basis to assist you in reconnecting back to your body and getting your body into a peak condition for conception. 

Evidence based information has identified that yoga as a practice improves your mood and decreases stress and anxiety. Together with the wisdom of our fertility yoga teachers, you will go through movements that assist in hormone balancing, increase in circulation, relaxation and menstrual cycle awareness.  

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Fertility Doula Services

Together with the fertility yoga, our one on one sessions include fertility doula support. This means that our teachers are well educated in the field of conception and can support you emotionally when you are going through your fertility journey. 

We encourage you, walk with you, hold your hand and your heart as you journey to your baby. 

Read more about how one of our clients experienced her fertility yoga journey here.

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