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Pregnancy Blog Series - Part 2 - Pregnancy Terminology

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Hi mamas!

So this is part 2 of the pregnancy blog series and this is terminology that is often not understood by moms (especially when it is your first time) and sometimes even if its baby 2, 3 or 4, some women have not come across these terms so I thought its a great way to bring awareness to some important terms.

Let's start with a simple one - Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is probably the one thing that should be known by all women but isn't. It is the most effective way to manage pregnancy symptoms, prepare for birth (irrespective of the birth you choose), mentally relax and release anxiety and if done in groups can be where you meet new moms to be and create lifelong friends.

Antenatal Consultations and Antenatal Classes

So this one is commonly misunderstood for being the same thing, here is why it is different. Antenatal consultations are the gynaecologist/midwife appointments you attend on a monthly basis throughout your pregnancy, these are routine check ups to ensure the health of your growing baby and your maternal health too.

Antenatal classes on the other hand are either a series or a single class that educates you on what to expect during your birth and postpartum journey. These classes are extremely important in order to give you the tools you need to prosper during your birth and postpartum. A hospital tour is not considered an antenatal class as there is more extensive knowledge you need to gain other than just the inspection of the venue that you are giving birth at.

Exclusive breastfeeding

This is feeding your newborn only breastmilk either directly from your breast or only feeding your newborn with expressed milk. No formula supplementation is done when exclusively breastfeeding.


Pain commonly felt during pregnancy due to the growing uterus putting pressure onto the sciatic nerve. The pain can be felt down the back of your leg, even underneath and in your buttocks. Management of this pain is possible through pregnancy yoga and additionally chiropractic care or physiotherapy.

Round ligament pain

Pain felt on the sides of your abdomen that can also extend to your hips. This is due to the stretching of the uterus to accommodate your baby. This pain can usually be felt as sharp shooting pains, that come and go. Round ligament pain should never be consistent and unbearable.

Amniotic Fluid

This is the liquid that your baby "swims" in during pregnancy. This is also the fluid that starts releasing once your "water" breaks. This liquid protects your baby and your baby actually swallows this liquid throughout the pregnancy.


A professional birth and postpartum worker who assists you with preparing for your birth, assists you in comfort measures and support during your birth and supports you post birth. A doula is a non medical part of the birthing team and a great asset to you and your family during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.


Referred to as the period from conception till your postnatal period. Usually until 2 years postpartum.

Breastfeeding counsellors/Lactation consultants

These are specialists at feeding babies. They help you have the best chance at a successful breastfeeding and feeding your baby breastmilk by pumping. In a perfect world I believe every women needs to access to a breastfeeding specialist not only once but throughout her breastfeeding journey.

I will keep adding to this list as more requests come in on which terms you would love to know more about. Stay tuned for more blogs on your parenting journey.

All my love,


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