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The importance of postnatal yoga and coaching

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Anyone who has just given birth, understands that it comes with an overflow of emotions and an overflow of responsibility too! You have a beautiful baby that depends on you for everything, you still run a household and sometimes you have other children who need your attention too.

In my experience as a parenting coach and as a mom, I have found that moms are afraid to ask for emotional support. We easily accept cooked food, gifts and someone to hold the baby while we take a shower, but there is hardly someone who comes in to provide emotional support.

How are you feeling after the birth? What emotions are you going through? What was your birth experience? Having the ability to answer these questions truthfully and without holding back, heals you from within. On the days that you just want to cry because your hormones are raging and your baby battles to latch, do you have the tools to calm yourself and do you have a community where you can be YOU, where you can feel your pain and not be judged or “advised”.

Yoga is much more than poses and fitness, yoga heals the layers of your being. Your breath tells a story and your heart opens to unconditional love. Meditation brings the inner calm and peace that is needed for everyday challenges.

As a mom you need to take time out of your busy day to just be present with yourself, to be present in your body and to basically fill your own cup! We can only give from our overflow and if you are not consciously filling your cup you will get depleted very quickly and you will lose out on so much joy that is your birth right!

You deserve to be happy momma, embrace this journey.

Yours in love and light,


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