Our Mindful Birthing Workshop is a full day workshop giving you the tools you need to birth confidently, whether you plan on a vaginal birth or a caesarean - this workshop will educate you on what to expect in your labour and how to work with your body during the postnatal period and how to care for a newborn. 

This workshop must be attended with your partner or whoever will be alongside you during the birth of your baby. 

We will cover:
Partner yoga for support
Pain relief methods
Labour phases
Postnatal care for mom (including caesarean care)
Postnatal care for baby (including bathing baby, navel care, baby safety and breastfeeding)
Breathing techniques
And so much more!

Each mom will get a detailed booklet on everything in the workshop and a Facebook support group for all families attending the workshop so all your questions may be answered at any point after the workshop. 

Cost of the full day workshop: R2000 / $150 per couple

Workshop can be joined live online or in person in Johannesburg, South Africa.



In our holistic fertility 12 week programme we work with you to get you ready for pregnancy and parenthood in the most loving and sacred way. Having a baby and preparing for the journey should be an exciting and special time for you where you connect deeply within yourself and your partner to co-create life. 

On this 12 week journey you will have weekly yoga, coaching and meditation sessions. Connecting deeply with your partner and with yourself. This programme is not religious in anyway and we respect your beliefs and your individuality as a couple. This programme can be done online with live sessions so we welcome you from all around the world to join in this wonderful journey. 

Yoga assists in decreasing stress and anxiety while you are trying to conceive and studies have shown that practicing yoga during fertility treatments can increase your chances of a positive outcome. Yoga also gets you feeling better in your body and brings you to greater levels of peace. Coaching and meditation assists in keeping you in a positive mind frame and working through the emotional ups and downs of fertility and conception. 

You can schedule a 30min call to discuss your needs with us and how we can assist you on your journey. 



Life and parenting coaching is a powerful tool to unlock a greater level of peace, joy and happiness in your life. It assists you to reach your goals and to open up to the expansion of life. Coaching with Tara allows you to work with the shadows you have been hiding and to transmute them into positive values in your life, claiming back your power. 

Each session will bring you clarity and growth. Become the container in which miracles grow. If nothing you have tried everything and you are still feeling stuck, come and try a coaching programme. 


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